Through our specialized service, we work together with our clients in the different stages of their projects, from preliminary analysis and design to the implementation of the strategy, always committing to achieve the desired benefits and tangible results.


Our Consulting division focuses on increasing the competitivity and efficiency levels of the target organization. We advise and provide support to our clients in the design, implementation and management of their strategy, the integration of their results-based budgeting management system, as well as the measurement and evaluation of their results. We assist our clients in the design of solutions resulting from an efficient organization and operation.


Our firm advises government organizations at all levels, in the design, management and strategic planning process implementation, from current status analysis, to the definition of government development plans and programs, all of them aiming at solving current issues and upcoming challenges.

Programming and Budgeting

Gerinpro advises public entities on the design and implementation of programming and budgeting processes, improving in transparency and accountability.
We support our clients from the formulation, allocation and integration of the expense, to the subsequent evaluation thereof, complying with the regulatory requirements of each stage.

Public Finances

Gerinpro advises public entities in the analysis of their public finance status, process control and budgeting systems, as well as in evaluating the application of public resources. Also, we provide counsel to our clients in the contracting and restructuring processes of public debt.

Organizational development

We offer advise to our clients in the area of organizational design and development, as well as change management solutions, achieving a balance between the organization processes and functions with the regulatory and strategic requirements.

Process management

We advise and collaborate with public and private organizations to guide them towards process management, continuous improvement, quality assurance, business intelligence and processes reengineering, adhering to the best quality management practices.

Legal and regulatory

We advise and support public organizations in the design, development, integration, updating and alignment of the regulatory framework pertaining to administrations of the different government levels.

Infrastructure and public services

The infrastructure and Public Services division provides a unified services offer that goes from conceptualization, design, feasibility studies, and the design and implementation of procurement processes to project management under public investment and public-private association models. We provide support to our clients to successfully complete their projects, maintaining control during their life cycle, and facilitating scope and quality compliance under an effective use of time, resources and costs.

Public-private partnerships

Gerinpro advises the entities and units in charge of infrastructure and public services from all the government levels, helping them with the pre-investment stages, feasibility studies, procurement processes and project management. In addition, we provide full support to our clients in the definition of the required legal instruments that govern the relationship between the participants in the project.

Project evaluation

Following the methods approved by the Mexican government, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the National Public Administration Institute, where our specialists graduated, we offer advise to local, state and federal government entities for the development of social, economic, financial and comparative studies of diverse infrastructure projects, such as roads and transportation, water and sanitation, and maritime infrastructure projects, as well as project management assistance during the different stages of the project approval process.

Expert Opinion

Through our specialists and with an extensive experience in evaluation studies, development planning, as well as technical, economic and environmental studies, we offer our expert opinion about different aspects of infrastructure projects to assess their feasibility.

Project Development

Gerinpro offers its capacity to develop infrastructure projects for all kind of public services, encompassing from conceptualization and preliminary design, all the way to project implementation and post-implementation evaluation.

Project Management

Our PMI-certified specialists apply the best practices in project management, integrating the different stages of the project life cycle, complying with established time, cost, quality and scope parameters.

External supervision

Our firm counsels government entities in project control and supervision, in order to guarantee the compliance with stipulated times, cost and scope.

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